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PRUVenture Programme

Best Suited for MOTIVATED EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS who are constantly hunting for an opportunity to elevate their career & lifestyle

a rewarding career

If you're an ambitious professional seeking a rewarding and purposeful career path, look no further than Prudential's flagship PRUVenture program. This exclusive 18-month onboarding opportunity is designed to fast-track your journey to becoming an elite wealth planner and future leader in the industry.

The PRUVenture program is tailored for motivated, experienced professionals who are hungry for success and ready to elevate their careers and lifestyles. From day one, you'll be immersed in a comprehensive training curriculum proven to accelerate your business growth and development.

But the rewards go far beyond just training. During the program, you'll enjoy a generous monthly bridging income of up to RM10,000 to support you as you build your client base. Plus, you can earn a lucrative PRUVenture bonus worth up to RM20,000 for hitting key milestones.

Perhaps most excitingly, high performers in the PRUVenture program are eligible for a fast-tracked promotion to the coveted role of Unit Manager. This means you could be leading your team and exponentially growing your income potential in under two years.

The program is specifically designed to groom emerging talents from all backgrounds to become future leaders at Prudential. Especially if you're an established professional looking for a career change. PRUVenture provides the ideal launchpad.

Key Highlight


18 months program 


Up to RM 10,000 monthly Bridging Income


PRUVenture bonus up to RM 20,000 

Fast Track Promotion to Unit Manager

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