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Menjadi seorang Jurutera mungkin adalah kerjaya idaman ramai, tapi tidak lagi bagi saya. Pilihan untuk menceburi dunia Insurans dan Takaful adalah pilihan yang tepat dalam hidup saya.


Kedua bidang ini mempunyai satu persamaan, iaitu memberi perkhidmatan. Perkhidmatan yang memberi manfaat kepada orang lain. Maka, sertailah saya dalam Zeneration.

Shahmi Ishamuddin, Wealth Planner


If you are the type of person who thrives on helping people and is passionate about making a difference, then a career in the insurance industry is for you. No matter what position you hold in the insurance industry, everything that you do on a daily basis contributes to the peace of mind and people's needs after they have experienced a devastating loss. You help to provide what they need to go on with their lives and their businesses. 


In insurance, it is more than just selling. It is about listening and understanding to our customers on the concerns they have now and in the future. From there, we deliver solutions to manage their risks which provides a peace of mind. It is about sharing with our customers that we are there with them through every stage of life that they go through. We manage their risks so that they can achieve their dreams and live life to the fullest.

We together with quality products and superior service helps us develop the strength of efficient, honest, fair and transparent relationships. We work in partnership with our customers and our business associates, in building strong sustainable relationships to help our customers manage and reduce the risks they face every day.




At Zeneration, we are an award winning agency where  foundations are based visions and missions: Building an energetic and influential team fostering unity and to provide financial solutions through the values of love, integrity and accountability.


Our accomplishments are a result of great relationships, within our team and customers. We understand and recognize the importance of values and cultures in the agency. We strive to evolve the agency together by elevating upmost good faith. We are a team that come together, we work with  mission and serve with passion 

When you work with Zeneration, you will come across people, businesses and disciplines from all walks of life every day. Whether you are a people person, a numbers person or a technical person, there is a place for you here and the agency and in the  insurance industry.


Since the insurance industry is constantly changing and evolving, we offer continuous education and training to ensure individuals keep up with product details and latest developments pertaining to the sector and their business.


Our ultimate satisfaction is contributing to our clients’ peace of mind and financial stability. This gives us a huge sense of pride and motivation to do better every day for ourselves, our family and our clients.


At Zeneration, we are more than just an insurance agency. We surround ourselves with people who are highly driven and motivated to not only make their clients lives better but their lives too.


We are looking for business partners beyond their background and degrees, someone with a positive attitude and the drive and hunger to succeed in life.


Does that get you excited? Let’s chat. We want to know more about you.

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