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Working at Zeneration means working with  Love, Integrity, and Accountability

Working with Zeneration, where our foundation is built on love, integrity, and accountability. In the insurance industry, trust is paramount, and we are dedicated to embodying these values in all we do.

​We're passionate about providing personalized insurance solutions that truly safeguard what matters most to you. Our team operates with empathy, ensuring you feel supported and valued throughout your journey.

​We believe in transparency and honesty in all interactions, from policy discussions to claims processing. Client must be able to trust us to uphold the highest ethical standards, maintaining the integrity of our relationships and services.

​Accountability is a principle we hold dear. Recognizing the weight of our responsibilities in protecting your assets, we take ownership of our actions, constantly improving to navigate the ever-evolving insurance landscape with confidence.

Zeneration Office Space

It's all about people. Let’s hear them out.

shahmi ishamuddin wealth planner

Menjadi seorang Jurutera mungkin adalah kerjaya idaman ramai, tapi tidak lagi bagi saya. Pilihan untuk menceburi dunia Insurans dan Takaful adalah pilihan yang tepat dalam hidup saya.


Kedua bidang ini mempunyai satu persamaan, iaitu memberi perkhidmatan. Perkhidmatan yang memberi manfaat kepada orang lain. Maka, sertailah saya dalam Zeneration.

Shahmi Ishamuddin, Wealth Planner

Perk & Benefits

Remote work 

Work efficiently – from home, from the office, or remotely.

Flexible hours

Adjust your calendar to your needs.

Leader's support & mentoring

Develop your skills by your leader's side, and get a mentor from the first day.

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Available Program

At Zeneration, we are more than just an insurance agency. We surround ourselves with people who are highly driven and motivated to not only make their clients lives better but their lives too.


We are looking for business partners beyond their background and degrees, someone with a positive attitude and the drive and hunger to succeed in life.


Does that get you excited? Let’s chat. We want to know more about you.

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